Cara Aisling

Cara Aisling is a fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi romance LGBTQ+ writer, published with Deep Hearts YA and Deep Desires Press. She is an avid fan of all things fantasy and has recently grown a fond love for Dungeons & Dragons. Cara might be what some may call a "dice goblin" too. There can never be too many dice in her bag. She is a lover of drama, action, and steamy romance of all kinds.

Cara is a mom of an adorable son who is becoming quite the gamer—just like his parents. His creative streak is definitely on his mom’s side whereas his genius and knack for figuring things out definitely comes from his amazing father. The house is also home to two cute cats, Kida and Anubis, as well as a beautiful husky named Mishka.

The Young King Arthur series is Cara’s biggest and perhaps most popular book series so far, though she does plan to introduce more works to DHYA and DDP in the future. In addition to writing, Cara is also studying 3D Art to join the gaming industry and perhaps one day bring her writing experience into gaming as well.