Where are Deep Desires ebooks be available for purchase? 

Deep Desires ebooks are available from all major online retailers. This list currently includes Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books / iBooks. As of 2021, our books our available at Google Play; we are working on publishing our back catalogue there.

When will I get paid royalties? 

Royalty payments are made via PayPal in the month following the month royalties are received. For example, Amazon pays out royalties two months after sales are made – so books sold in January are paid as royalties to Deep Desires Press in March, then Deep Desires will pay authors in April.

What editing and marketing support will by book receive? 

All books published by Deep Desires will receive full editing, which includes one pass with a developmental editor and one pass with a proofreader. Each book will also receive a compelling and attractive cover. All books will be promoted through our social media channels (Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and Snapchat (username: deepdesiresp)), will be included on our website, and will be promoted in our newsletter. Deep Desires may, at its discretion, offer a book blog tour to select titles.

Why do you require authors to self-promote? Isn’t that your job? 

While it certainly used to be the job of the publisher to promote the books it releases, and this is something that Deep Desires will do, the publishing landscape has evolved such that authors must self-promote to help ensure the success of the book. While authors are expected to have a minimum of two social media outlets (as defined in our Call for Submissions), we are looking for authors who engage with social media well, not necessarily authors who inundate social media with self-promo. It’s a fine balance between engagement and promotion. An author’s social media presence will not determine the success or rejection of their submission, but it may be taken into consideration. Additionally, if an author does little in the way of self-promo for a Deep Desires title, this may affect our decision to take on future works.

It’s easy to self-publish, why do I even need a publisher? 

While it is easy to self-publish, it is difficult to do it well. Self-publishing means the author must either edit and create the cover themselves or hire professionals to do these tasks. Many self-published titles (but certainly not all) suffer from excessive typos, poor formatting, a bland cover, story structure issues, confusing blurbs, and a poor marketing strategy. As well, many authors either lack the technical skills to create ebooks and self-publish, or wish they could just write and not be bothered with the minutiae of self-publishing. A publisher coordinates all of these aspects to ensure they are done in a timely and professional manner. While a publisher is not the answer for everybody, it is certainly the answer for many people.

I’ve got a really great story, but it doesn’t quite fit what you’re looking for – can I submit it anyway? 

It depends. As long as it doesn’t violate anything in our list of banned content, we are open to reading your submission. The list of banned content is set by the vendors that Deep Desires works with; if we were to publish a story that violates this list, our publishing account would be at risk of being banned, which could put Deep Desires out of business. However, if your story contains no banned content but, say, is an erotic romance with a sad ending, we would be open to reading your submission. In this case, it would require some tweaks to our publishing model, such as making it clear that your book is a “melancholy romance,” which indicates to readers to expect a sad ending.

I’ve got a question not answered here – can I email you? 

Certainly! You can email us at submissions(at)deepdesirespress(dot)com. If it’s a question we think is good to share, we might add it to this FAQ in the future.