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Sexy Gay Pride Bundle 2024: Volume 2

Sexy Gay Pride Bundle 2024: Volume 2

John Luke Maxwell, Shane Ulrrein, L.B. La Vigne, Justin MacCormack, Cameron D. James

From a former-porn-star-turned-sleuth to a sex-crazed vampire, Sexy Gay Pride Bundle 2024 Volume 2 brings you five more scorching hot MM novels to keep you up yet another night, flipping more pages.

Included in this bundle are:

The Phantom of Nob Hill Theater by John Luke Maxwell
Murder is afoot, but criminals are no match for amateur sleuth and retired pornstar Jean Locke Holmes!

Symphony for Connor by Shane Ulrrein
David falls in love with Connor—a man in every way his opposite—but he can't stay away, no matter how toxic this relationship becomes.

The Space In Between by L.B. La Vigne
When Charlie encounters a potentially dangerous ghost in his house, all he wants to do is succumb to his pleasures.

The Castle of Count Shagula by Justin MacCormack
Travel with Jonathan Woodcock on a twisted journey to Castle Shagula, where the infamous vampiric count is hungry for an altogether different kind of life fluid!

Autumn Fire by Cameron D. James
True gay love is a fairy tale and the closet is comfier, until you meet the man of your dreams.

Don't miss this Pride-Month-only bundle and get all five novels for one fantastic price.

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