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Young Gay Pride Bundle 2024

Young Gay Pride Bundle 2024

Maxwell Bauman, Dylan James, Joe Baumann, Alison Cybe, Felyx Lawson

Although it's a lot easier to be a gay teen nowadays, there's still lots of self-discovery, newfound love, and personal challenges to overcome. Young Gay Pride Bundle 2024 collects five heartwarming gay young adult novels.

Included in this bundle are:

Gerald Ribbon and the Bird in His Brain by Maxwell Bauman
Gerald Ribbon has a habit of ruining his love life, and the bird in his brain that gives him terrible advice certainly isn’t helping.

Drag Queens, Emo Teens & Big Dreams by Dylan James
For Corbin, his secret double-life as a drag queen is the escape he needs from his oppressive life as the son in a hyper-masculine family. But that escape comes to an end when his older brother finds out his secret.

I Know You’re Out There Somewhere by Joe Baumann
Kyle's picture-perfect life starts to crack when he meets a boy that gives him unexpected feelings.

I Was a Gay Teenage Zombie by Alison Cybe
Jay was perfectly normal for an awkward, antisocial, gay teenager. Until he was bitten by a zombie boy.

L.I.F.E. by Felyx Lawson
Rider is a closeted high school student and would be happy to stay that way, if not for two obstacles in his path: an assignment about love, and Cameron Walker, a new student who is so much more than the jock he first appears to be.

Don't miss this Pride-Month-only bundle and get all five novels for one fantastic price.

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Gerald Ribbon and the Bird In His Brain

Gerald Ribbon and the Bird In His Brain

Maxwell Bauman

Gerald Ribbon has a habit of ruining his love life.

The bird in his brain gives him terrible advice, and he is stuck dealing with the consequences.

He screwed up his relationship with Jessica, who has now moved on and is seeing someone new. But the fear of damaging another friendship prevents Gerald from openly expressing his feelings for his best friend, Allen. When Allen begins to date Diana, Gerald feels himself getting left behind and tries to form a wedge between the two. Ultimately, Allen and Diana's relationship reaches a breaking point, and Gerald needs to be louder than the noisy bird in his brain and do what is right for his friend and himself.

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Gerald Ribbon and the Bird In His Brain is published by Deep Hearts YA, the young adult imprint of Deep Desires Press. For more information on Deep Hearts YA, please click here to visit the website.