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Invisi Gir1

Invisi Gir1

Lost Series, #1

Conner Steel

"Exciting, funny, clever and positively crackling with energy."
Award winning YA author, Brian Keaney

Emma Deacon, known to the web as Invisi_Gir1, is one computer hack away from a jail cell. She knows it and her dad knows it too. That’s why he’s traded their New York home for a village in England where he can better control her weird addiction.

But he can’t control the weird kids Emma meets. Especially boys like Halo Ironstone. With his missing eye, missing arm, and pallor mortis skin, he’s fried the freak-o-meter. But as Emma soon learns, Halo’s otherworldliness goes far deeper than his appearance. And he’s only interested in one thing—baiting the hacker known as Invisi_Gir1.

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Invisi Gir1 is published by Deep Hearts YA, the young adult imprint of Deep Desires Press. For more information on Deep Hearts YA, please click here to visit the website.